April 7, 2020 |


ZDF Enterprises shops WW2 doc

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Berlin pictured in May 1945

ZDF Enterprises (ZDFE), the commercial arm of German broadcaster ZDF, has added a Spiegel TV docuseries about the Second World War to its sales slate.

ZDFE coproduced Countdown to Surrender – The Last 100 Days with Spiegel TV, the TV production arm of German news and current affairs magazine Der Spiegel.

It sheds light on the last 100 days before the end of the Second World War in Europe, from February 1945 until Hitler’s suicide on April 30 and the surrender of the German armed forces on May 8.

Historians, experts and scientists analyse the historical context and arrange the days along a timeline.

ZDFE is in charge of worldwide distribution of the docuseries, which comes as a 3×50′ series and a 1×50′ special.

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