May 8, 2020 | by Zoya Lukyantseva

Singapore Business Review: Founder and CEO of allrites Riaz Mehta on business in the time of Corona

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Published on Singapore Business Review

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your company’s operations?

As with most businesses, all our staff are working from home across four countries. 

allrites is a disruptive technology therefore the travel bans and cancellation of trade fairs have prompted more customers to join our platform therefore we have seen a surge in our user base (i.e. overall a positive impact on our business)


What changes have you had to make with regard to staffing numbers and working arrangements?

We are maintaining our current staffing levels but will not be hiring any additional headcount that was planned in the coming months due to the economic uncertainty

What measures have you implemented to help your customers amidst these trying times?

We are enhancing our services to make it easier for our content buyers to discover and acquire the content that they need to fulfill the rising demand as more people are confined to their homes. We are also launching innovative business models to generate more revenue for content producers who have been very badly hit with the economic impact of the virus as most film and TV productions have shut down.

We will be helping our clients generate alternative revenue sources through our platform to help cushion the blow of the economic winter that is ahead of us.

What has been the immediate effect on your business from a revenue and cost standpoint?

We haven’t seen a significant impact in revenue as yet however we do anticipate a positive impact in the coming months as more of our customers will choose to conduct their business online through our platform. We have reduced our costs since our staff is not traveling to meet clients or attend trade fairs.

Could you share with us your future plans amidst this pandemic?

Our focus will be on assisting our customers through these tough times whilst containing our costs as best as possible. We will also be building additional services to provide further value to our customers who are spread across the globe.

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allrites was created to address the pain points faced by professional content creators around the world to efficiently find the right set of buyers for their content. At the same time, broadcasters gain efficiency and ease in search and discovery of great new TV, film & sports content on a global scale. The digital marketplace also integrates a cloud-based storage and delivery service that makes it easy for sellers to deliver content to their buyers at the click of a button.


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