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Yusra dan Yumna (Yusra and Yumma)

G | Drama, Family | 2012


Yusra and Yumna are twins who got separated by tsunami in their childhood. Yusra was with their parents, Nirwana and Rama when the incident happened, while Yumna got carried off by the waves and was found by Grandma Layla. Grandma Layla then calls her Shira and raises her along with her grandson, Setia Not knowing Yumna's fate, Nirwana becomes shell-shocked. Rama decides not to tell Yusra that she has a twin sister, and so Yusra grows up in ignorance, unaware as to why her mother often day-dreams and cries for seemingly no apparent reason. Years passed and Yusra is a confident, beautiful and popular girl in her school. The school owner's son, Julio has feelings towards her though Yusra prefers their extracurricular teacher who is also Julio's brother, Raka. Unfortunately, Raka always keeps the distance with Yusra, though they used to be close. On the other hand, Shira/Yumna grows into an innocent and kind child. Having been raised with great care, she never once thought that Grandma Layla and Setia are not her biological family. One day, an earthquake destroyed their house and the family has to move to Jakarta. Fortunately, Setia is able to find a job as a tutor to the child of a rich family, thus enabling him to continue with his study. While Shira/Yumna is looking for a job, she got saved by a girl who looks like her but with very different appearance. Yusra is equally shocked by their uncanny resemblance. It also gives her an idea to get Shira to pretend to be her while she joins a singing competition and reach out for her dream to become a famous singer so she wouldn't have to face her father's wrath as Rama disapproves of Yusra's dream of being a singer. Shira agrees to the idea so she can get money to help Setia and buy Grandma Layla's medicine. Meanwhile, Setia is very surprised when he meets his student, Yusra as she looks like Shira. Setia suspects that they are twins but decides to keep silence for fear of losing his beloved sister. How will the story continue? Will Yusra and Yumna find out about the truth?


Duration 1 hours 0 minutes
Censorship Ratings G
Production Company -
Year of Production 2012
Year of Release 2012
Lead Cast Nikita Willy, Rezky Aditya, Samuel Zylgwyn, Putri Titian, Bobby Joseph, Kevin Julio, Jessica Milla, Gisela Cindy, Nimaz Dewantary, Nadya Almira, Maria Lynch, Teddy Syach, Vonny Cornellya, Fera Feriska, Fathir Muchtar, Annisa Hapsari, Hj. Nani Wijaya, Lyly Sp, Moudy Wilhelmina, Asty Ananta, Yadi Timo
Executive Producers/Director Gita Asmara, Leo Sutanto
Awards -