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Not rated | Action, Crime, Drama | 2013


The mission for undercover agent Martin is more dangerous than ever. Mafia boss, Dzharo, has been released from house arrest and becomes extremely cautious and paranoid; his protégé, Ivo, seizes the opportunity to step out from the shadow of his boss and begins conquer the criminal underworld himself.


Duration 0 hours 54 minutes
Censorship Ratings Not rated
Production Company SIA, Kamera Entertainment
Year of Production 2013
Year of Release 2013
Lead Cast Vladimir Penev, Ivaylo Zahariev, Zachary Baharov
Executive Producers/Director Dimitar Mitovski, Sevda Shishmanova, Dimitar Gochev, Rosen Tzankov, Boryana Puncheva, Yanko Terziev
Awards -