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The Inquisition of Camilo Sanz

Not rated | Action, Crime, Drama, Romance, Adventure | 2017


After living nearly his entire life in New York City with false documents, burgeoning Finance professional Camilo Sanz receives a notice of deportation. Desperate for a solution at any cost, he obtains funding from a nefarious neighborhood loan shark, and dives head first into a fraudulent marriage with a relative stranger named Hailey. On her own personal search for meaning, can Hailey control her demons long enough to save Camilo by convincing an INS judge of the legitimacy of their marriage?


Duration 1 hours 47 minutes
Censorship Ratings Not rated
Production Company LPZ Media
Year of Production 2017
Year of Release 2017
Lead Cast Francisco Narvaez, Alvaro Rodriguez, Brandi Satterfield;
Executive Producers/Director John Marco Lopez
Awards -
Domestic Box Office -
Worldwide Box Office -