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The Biggest Loser Asia (S2)

Not rated | Reality-TV | 2010


Since its US debut in 2004, The Biggest Loser has transformed the lives of millions of families and people and grown to become a standalone health and lifestyle brand over 9 highly successful seasons. The Biggest Loser is a worldwide hit airing in over 90 countries with local versions produced in 25 countries including Australia and the UK. Beyond the immensely popular TV show, The Biggest Loser has launched a New York Times best-selling book series, top selling fitness DVDs, fitness equipment, protein supplements and countless of other health and lifestyle-based products. The Asian version of the show has broken ratings records in its first two seasons and reached over 19 million people across 20 countries in Asia. 16 contestants from across Asia compete over 13 weeks for once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform their lives and win the grand prize of US$100,000 with other sponsored prizes! Celebrity trainers, Kristy Curtis and Dave Nuku, journey with the contestants through their life-changing and emotionally-charged weight loss process. In each episode over 13 weeks, we will see the contestants complete various health workshops, including daily challenges and weigh-ins. In their group interactions, we will see the human drama unfold as the weeks go by. Each week, the contestants face elimination and have to work hard not just in the gym but also on their alliances in the Biggest Loser Mansion to stay in the series!


Duration 1 hours 00 minutes
Censorship Ratings Not rated
Production Company Imagine Group Entertainment
Year of Production 2010
Year of Release 2010
Lead Cast Dave Nuku, Kristy Curtis, Marion Caunter
Executive Producers/Director Riaz Mehta, Sam Gollestani
Awards -