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The Biggest Loser Asia (S1)

Not rated | Reality-TV | 2009


The Biggest Loser Asia, Asia’s first pan-regional unscripted weight loss series made its world debut in late 2009, and Asia tuned in to see the thousands of contestant hopefuls at the 4 live auditions across Asia. Asia’s heaviest turned out in full force to be on the Asian edition of the highly successful and inspirational American unscripted show, The Biggest Loser, which has eight successful seasons under its belt and is broadcast in 90 countries around the world. Unlike most reality shows, the heart-warming unscripted series challenges its contestants to lose to win. These contestant hopefuls will reshape their bodies and lives, but only one can win and claim the grand prize of $100,000 and a Renault car. But more importantly for the thousands of applicants, The Biggest Loser Asia promises its participants a chance at regaining their health and ultimately, their lives. It is a dream come true for many who have been bogged down by health problems as a result of carrying extra weight on their bodies all of their lives. For some others, just taking part in The Biggest Loser Asia will be a self esteem and confidence booster, as many applicants have revealed, being overweight isn’t a laughing matter and many face serious health and lifestyle issues. In 13 weekly episodes, culminating in our live finale, get to know those who have put their faces, bodies and pride on the line, to show the world how serious they are in cutting the fat from their lives. 30 residents of Asia have been selected and shaped up by expert celebrity trainers, Dave Nuku and Kristy Curtis in daily physical activity on The Biggest Loser Asia camp in Malacca, Malaysia. It will be a drastic change of events for the contestants. Facing a diet and lifestyle overhaul, contestants will have to surrender luxuries in life, like their mobile phones and Internet access on the boot camp. The path to weight loss for the contestants will be filled with real life struggles and challenges. Contestants will face temptation challenges where they are enticed with delicious food that could jeopardize their chances in the game or give them a game saving advantage. Every week, the contestants will be fighting for their right to stay on the show, with whatever means necessary. From team work, to game playing, to giving every last ounce to their last chance training, the contestants bring it week after week in every action packed episode. Be prepared to wait with baited breath from week to week, to find out what will happen next in the trials, tribulations, excitement and drama of The Biggest Loser Asia.


Duration 1 hours 00 minutes
Censorship Ratings Not rated
Production Company Imagine Group Entertainment
Year of Production 2009
Year of Release 2009
Lead Cast Dave Nuku, Kristy Curtis, Sarimah Ibrahim
Executive Producers/Director Riaz Mehta, Sam Gollestani
Awards -