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That Start Up Show

Not rated | Reality-TV, Talk-Show | 2015


A talk show series with a difference That Start Up Show explores the ups and downs, the sinks and the floats, the late bloomers and early risers in the world of start-ups. Hosted by comedian and media tech commentator Dan Ilic the series features comedy, conversations and pitches from rising start-ups to those who have already made it big: Alan Noble (Google), Chris Ridd (Xero), Sam McDonagh (AirBnB), with interviews from technology evangelist Robert Scoble, start-up thought leader and investor Dave McClure (500 Startups) and more.


Duration 1 hours minutes
Censorship Ratings Not rated
Production Company That Start Up Show Productions
Year of Production 2015
Year of Release 2015
Lead Cast -
Executive Producers/Director -
Awards -