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Steel City

G | Drama | 2006


Steel City is a stirring family drama from the heartland of America about pride, remorse and forgiveness. When Carl Lee is involved in a fatal car accident he finds himself behind bars, cut off from his life and alienated by his family. His youngest son PJ, confused by life without his dad, is the only person to visit him. While PJ's girlfriend stays lovingly by his side and his Uncle Vic extends a helping hand, a belligerent older brother and the reality of being on his own force PJ to grow up faster than he'd like. It's not until a devastating secret is revealed that the family reunites and a regretful father learns that you can never take back the past, but you can let go of it.


Duration 1 hours 35 minutes
Censorship Ratings G
Production Company Steel City Productions LLC, Your Half Pictures
Year of Production 2006
Year of Release 2006
Lead Cast Jamie Anne Allman, Marcus Atkins, Raymond J. Barry, John Heard, Tom Guiry, America Ferrera, Clayne Crawford, Laurie Metcalf
Executive Producers/Director Brian Jun
Awards Chicago International Film Festival, Film Independent Spirit Awards, Midwest Independent Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival
Domestic Box Office -
Worldwide Box Office -