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Satria Garuda Bima X (Movie)

G | Action | 2017


The story of Satria Garuda BIMA-X starts after the First Season, which tells the story of Dunia Paralel (Parallel World) ruled by the Kingdom of VUDO, and the failed effort of its evil ruler, Rasputin. The mission is to take over the Earth's resources to feed his power ambitions and to prevent further planetary destruction of Parallel World. Rasputin was defeated by the combined power of two Satria Garuda ("Garuda Knight") brothers, BIMA and Azazel. After Rasputin's defeat, peace on earth lasts only for a half year when a mysterious godly figure entered as the new ruler of VUDO who holds the title of Black Lord. Ray Bramasakti must use all his strength as Satria Garuda BIMA with his brother, Reza, the Satria Garuda "Azazel" to protect Earth and mankind from the evil forces of the new VUDO.


Duration 1 hours 48 minutes
Censorship Ratings G
Production Company -
Year of Production 2017
Year of Release 2017
Lead Cast christian loho, stella cornelia, rayhan febrian, thalia, Adhitya Alkatiri, Fernando Surya, Tetsuo Kurata
Executive Producers/Director sachiko y. maehata, Hideki Oka, Teruyoshi Ishii, Arnandha Wyanto, Alam Putra, Kencana Wangi, Ahmad Nurudin
Awards -
Domestic Box Office -
Worldwide Box Office -