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Salam Ramadhan - UK

Not rated | Educational, Documentary | 2016


"Islam means to accept or submit oneself to the Islamic concept of one God. Ramadhan is one of the holiest months in the Islamic calendar. Every Muslim worldwide, from all walks of life, abstains from eating and drinking from dawn till dusk. This is also the time to reflect upon them lives, their deeds and their faith in God. The aim behind S alam Ramadhan UK i s to strengthen one’s selfdiscipline as well as spare a thought to those less fortunate than themselves. Here in Singapore, the Muslims observe Ramadhan with prayers, festivities and celebrations. But what do the other Muslims around the world do during this time of the year? Salam Ramadhan UK w ill explore the different ways how other Muslims around the world observe this holy month. There is a common misconception around the world that if you practice Islam, you are either Malay, Arabic, or of Middle Eastern descent. To address these inaccuracies, S alam Ramadhan UK w ill highlight that even people who are culturally different can share the same beliefs and practices."


Duration 0 hours 30 minutes
Censorship Ratings Not rated
Production Company Silver Wolf International
Year of Production 2016
Year of Release 2016
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Executive Producers/Director -
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