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Rules of Tham

PG | Comedy, Drama, Reality-TV, Romance, Sitcom | 2014


A comedy series set around 4 Uni undergrads who respond to an ad too good to resist: “free rent and board in exchange for final year project work”. 2 girls, 2 boys. One brother, one sister, two best friends. one foreign student; One ambitious, one scatter-brained, one girl-crazy and one with OCD. Each one learns to negotiate life in the confines of an HDB flat for a deal too good to pass. Soon they find themselves thrown into a world of landlord, neighbours, and an all too suave Mr. Charming. This is further complicated by their needs and wants as young adults, against a set of rules that are so cryptic they lead to unnecessarily complex situations with comedic results. This is “Big Bang Theory” meets “Friends”. The series kicks off with the 4 undergraduates moving into an HDB flat where their daily activities are recorded on CCTV cameras placed all over. But the 4 participants are not aware that the real purpose of the experiment had materialized as a result of a wager between their landlord Professor Tham and her rival Professor Seow. The four of them eventually relish in this reality-show like existence, until they slowly discover clues (e.g. hidden cameras other than the main one they know about) as the show go on a-la the Truman Show. Their already busy academic and social lives are thrown more into a tizzy with Professor Tham’s unwavering set of rules that the four now call Tham mail.


Duration 0 hours 30 minutes
Censorship Ratings PG
Production Company Sitting in Pictures Pte Ltd
Year of Production 2013
Year of Release 2014
Lead Cast TAN Shou Chen, Kimberly CHIA, Joachim GOMEZ, Erin LIM, Janice KOH, TAN Kheng Hua, Crispian CHAN, Haryani OTHMAN
Executive Producers/Director TAN Chih Chong, Gavin LIM
Awards -