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Plimsolls to Platforms

Not rated | Educational | 2010


"‘Plimsolls to Platforms’ explores the world of clothing: past, present and future. Instead of focusing on the latest catwalk looks, ‘Plimsolls’ offers something unique for fashion, lifestyle, historical and general interest channels. ‘Plimsolls’ look at the history of clothes, and what different looks can mean. It looks at costume and the art of dressing up, as well as changes in the fashion industry, environmentally friendly clothing and the glamour of models, celebrities and designer profiles thrown in. ‘Plimsolls to Platforms’ is a must-have for any broadcaster’s schedule, offering the opportunity to look at the ever-popular world of fashion from a different, unique angle. "


Duration 0 hours 30 minutes
Censorship Ratings Not rated
Production Company Silver Wolf International
Year of Production 2010
Year of Release 2010
Lead Cast -
Executive Producers/Director -
Awards -