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Pashmina Aisha

G | Drama, Family, Romance | 2014


Phasmina and Aisha are twins who are forced to live separately. Pashmina, adopted by a wealthy couple who brought her overseas to treat heart disease she is suffering, while Aisha remained in the orphanage . Alone and separated from her beloved sister, Aisha married a richman, Reihan. His mother, Dinar against their wedding. Reihan gives up his wealth and elopes with Aisha, but their life is not peaceful. Dinar finds them and takes away their baby. Still weak after giving birth, Aisha couldn't refuse Dinar. Her baby, Dinda has inherited Pashmina's heart disease, which Dinar uses to get Aisha to stay away from Reihan and Dinda's life. In exchange, Dinar promises to provide Dinda with the best treatments. Meanwhile, Pashmina senses that her time on earth is short and returned to Indonesia and find her twins


Duration 1 hours 0 minutes
Censorship Ratings G
Production Company Sinemart
Year of Production 2014
Year of Release 2014
Lead Cast Aura Kasih, Giovani L. Tobing, Ashraf Sinclair, Baim Wong, Raya Kohandi, Samuel Rizal, Dwi Yan, Annie Anwar, Minati Atmanegara, Ishabella
Executive Producers/Director Epoy S. Pradipta, Leo Sutanto
Awards -