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Office Boy (OB)

G | Comedy, Sitcom | 2006


OB (office boy) is situational comedy of daily activity in the broadcast station office of OKTV. Placed in the kitchen section, the innocent Sayuti has to interact with other fellow workers, such as Odah (Tika Panggabean) who is acting like a diva, Ismail (Daus Separo), who is thinks he is cool and stylish, and Susi (Oline Mendeng), a janitor who fall in love with Sayuti. In the HRD section, there is Mr. Taka (Marlon Renaldy), a fierce manager who likes to give corporal punishment. He secretly fancy Saschya (Winda Viska), his fashionable secretary. Gusti (Bayu Oktara), a cool looking playboy man, and Hendra (M. Ridwan) a diligent, yet stingy and likes to be alone whenever celebrities visited


Duration 1 hours 30 minutes
Censorship Ratings G
Production Company -
Year of Production 2006
Year of Release 2006
Lead Cast Aditya Warman, Tika Panggabean, Daus Separo, Oline Mendeng, Ridwand, Bayu Oktara, Winda Viska, Maia Estianty, Marlon Renaldy, Reynold Hamzan, Felma Panjaitan, Jan Shulga
Executive Producers/Director winny rosalina, eri sumaryadi, Adek Azhar
Awards -