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PG | Action, Drama, Romance | 2016


K.O. or ‘Knock-Out’ for short is a term often used in boxing or MMA to refer to a fighter who has taken a blow so devastating that he/she will rendered temporarily if not fully unconscious, at least incapable of continuing the fight. Such is the appropriateness of the title in describing the protagonist in this series Kit is an aspiring fashion designer but her father believes that she would make a good fighter. A past altercation with her stepfather has caused her relationship with her mother to sour. One day, Kit’s father, Lee, lands in hospital with a coma after he was apparently knocked out in an underground fight by mysterious fighter, the Hornet. Kit vows to track down the Hornet to avenge her father. To get there, she enlists the help of MMA champion, coach Latte Wang. Will Lee awake to reveal what had happened to him? Will Coach Wang train Kit?


Duration 0 hours 15 minutes
Censorship Ratings PG
Production Company Sitting in Pictures Pte Ltd
Year of Production 2016
Year of Release 2016
Lead Cast Andie CHEN, Venus WONG, CHEN Tianwen, Kimberly WANG, May PHUA, Benjamin HENG
Executive Producers/Director Boris BOO, TAN Chih Chong
Awards Finalist, Best Online Drama 2017 New York Festivals