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Idola Cilik (Little Idol) Season 1 - 4

G | Family, Music, Entertainment | 2015


Idola Cilik is an event program that looking for a little singers. The contestants who passed the auditions will be enclosed in a dormitory and given training in the form of choreography, vocal, implementation, style and personality. They will be pitted in stage performance. The contestant's will be commented by commentators. Just like other singing contest this one surely not to be missed


Duration 1 hours 0 minutes
Censorship Ratings G
Production Company -
Year of Production 2015
Year of Release 2015
Lead Cast Ayu Dewi, Chelsea, Winda viska, Tike Priyatnakusumah, Tarra Budiman)
Executive Producers/Director Bramantyo N. Wikastopo
Awards -