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Football's Greatest Managers

Not rated | Documentary, Sport | 2012


Whilst the highlight reels are filled with exploits of the men on the pitch, the man sat in the dugout had the most important role within any club or national team. They dictate the style, the pace, the form and the character of the teams that they send out to play. From the club building genius of Sir Alex Ferguson, the self confidence of Jose Mourinho and the free flowing style of Rinus Michels, the style and methods of the greatest managers in the game are as varied as the men who applied them. In this series, Pitch studies the 10 greatest managers of all time, taking in both names from the modern football but also looking back into history to profile the men who created the game that is loved around the world today. (Features: Mourinho, Shankly, Michels, Paisley, Ferguson, Trapattoni, Capello, Hittzfeld, Sacchi, Zagallo)


Duration 0 hours 26 minutes
Censorship Ratings Not rated
Production Company Pitch International LLP
Year of Production 2012
Year of Release 2012
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