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Faces of Islam

Not rated | Documentary | 2015


"""Faces of Islam"" depicts and portrays the life of Muslim people around the globe. Among others, we take our viewer to another level by showing that Islam is not confined to any race or locality, but more on the intrinsic qualities possessed by different individuals – hard working, patience, the capability to be able to lead themselves and in control of their individual endearvor. Faces of Islam focuses on a few prominent personalities in different countries on their many different endeavors to upheld the goodness of their communities, the challenges they meet doing this and what they have gained through their life experiences. Guided by Islamic teachings, the program also sees how their endeavors have become an inspiring experience not only for themselves but also to the community at large. Their stories are told in a biographical / personal profile / biomentary that touches on their many explores in their daily routines, relentlessly clinging to their inner faith for the betterment of the whole society. At each location, against its exotic setting and unique environment, the program features a case study/ local personality whose family history is closely linked to the development of each community. These personalities are the Imam, calligrapher, scholar, Madrasah teacher, traditional trade person etc. He/she is the subject where they lead the audience into the intriguing world of the cultural history of their communities. Through interviews and reenactments, with occasional handheld camerawork, Faces of Islam brings the viewers into the fabric of their lifestyle and culture where there are many anecdotes, fascinating stories and customs to share. "


Duration 0 hours 30 minutes
Censorship Ratings Not rated
Production Company Silver Wolf International
Year of Production 2015
Year of Release 2015
Lead Cast -
Executive Producers/Director -
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