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Deuces Wild

G | Action, Crime, Drama | 2002


Two brothers, Leon and Bobby are members of the street gang in Brooklyn known as the deuces. Their brother was killed by a drug overdose a few years earlier and the gang is determined to keep drugs off their block. Another more vicous gang known as the vipers is a possible threat to Leon and Bobby's efforts. The deuces are determined to do whatever is necessary to keep drugs off their block even if that means dying.


Duration 1 hours 36 minutes
Censorship Ratings G
Production Company CineWild, Cinerenta Medienbeteiligungs KG, Eternity Pictures
Year of Production
Year of Release 2002
Lead Cast Stephen Dorff, Brad Renfro, Fairuza Balk
Executive Producers/Director Scott Kalvert
Awards -
Domestic Box Office -
Worldwide Box Office -