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Day Zero 

G | Drama | 2007


In the future America, the military draft has been reinstated to fight the war on terror. The country's conflicting attitudes toward war are examined through the eyes of Aaron (Wood), George (Klein), and Dixon (Bernthal). The three friends have been given induction notices and have 30 days to report for duty. Feeling unprepared but convinced that he must serve, novelist Aaron embarks on a quest to prepare for the life of a soldier — enlisting the help of a collapsing Bowflex machine and a disengaged therapist (Sheedy). Corporate attorney George wishes to stay with his wife (Goodwin), a recent cancer survivor, rather than fight in a war that he believes is wrong. He spends much of his 30 days researching ways he can dodge the draft, but avoiding service does not prove easy. Cab driver Dixon is the most fearless and free of doubt, but he falls in love with a sociology student (Moss), and suddenly issues that always seemed black-and-white to him are not so simple. As reporting day, or day zero, draws nearer, the three friends fight, fallout, come together and comfort each other as each in his own way discovers what it means to "serve with honor."


Duration 1 hours 32 minutes
Censorship Ratings G
Production Company Indalo Productions
Year of Production 2017
Year of Release 2007
Lead Cast Elijah Wood, Chris Klein, Jon Bernthal
Executive Producers/Director Bryan Gunnar Cole
Awards -
Domestic Box Office -
Worldwide Box Office -