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G | Drama, Thriller | 2005


A political thriller that charts the exploits of disillusioned ex-hacker Terell Lessor. A return to New York, coupled with a humiliating attempt at getting a new job, serves as the catalyst for him to take action against those who slighted him in the past. Employing strategically placed spy-cams, and operating in tandem with backer, strategist and lover Olivia, he captures compromising footage and broadcasts the edited clips via a newly-minted website. Recognizing the power of their model, the two begin to target CEOs, politicians, those who represent the worst of the establishment. Soon Terell's every move is front-page news, law enforcement is after him, and copy-catters are taking his abduction-and-confession model to extremes he never imagined. With these forces colliding, Terell has to decide whether his actions are sustainable - a decision that will compromise his agenda, his first taste of romance, and his physical wellbeing.


Duration 1 hours 29 minutes
Censorship Ratings G
Production Company Centrifugal Films
Year of Production
Year of Release 2005
Lead Cast Eugene Byrd, Ali Larter, Melissa Leo
Executive Producers/Director Stefan C. Schaefer
Awards -
Domestic Box Office -
Worldwide Box Office -