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Chronicles of a Champion Golfer Series 2

Not rated | History, Biography, Documentary, Sport, Entertainment | 2017


Following the success of the first series, The R&A have commissioned the second series of the Chronicles of a Champion Golfer films, which provide exceptional insight into the skill, emotion and determination required to become Champion Golfer of the year. Each Documentary film includes a stylised, ultra-high definition interview where the player talks introspectively about his life, his golfing career and the path he took to become Champion Golfer. The interviews are accompanied by exclusive footage from The R&A’s extensive video library and newsreel archive.


Duration hours minutes
Censorship Ratings Not rated
Production Company IMG Production, R&A
Year of Production 2017
Year of Release 2017
Lead Cast Gary Player, Nick Faldo, Rory MCILRoy, Henrik Stenson
Executive Producers/Director -
Awards -