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PG | Sitcom, Entertainment | 2016


Themed talks how hosted by Trio Cecepy with Dede Sunandar as co-host. Trio Cecepy wears coordinated outfit in each episode. Usually, before the show begins with the guest star, Cecepy members starts by sharing their thoughts and opinion in regards of the latest and ongoing news, with twist and witty jokes. Often add up on their personal lives and struggles, and soon creates warm atmosphere with their live audience. Aim to bring happiness and laughter for viewers in the hectic and bustling city, the show is one not to be missed


Duration 1 hours 0 minutes
Censorship Ratings PG
Production Company -
Year of Production 2016
Year of Release 2016
Lead Cast Julia Perez, Ayu Ting Ting, Zaskia Gothik, Dede Sunandar, Tarra Budiman
Executive Producers/Director Sudiyanto
Awards -