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Buku Harian Nayla (Nayla's Diary)

G | Drama, Romance, Religion | 2006


Nayla (Chelsea Olivia) is a bright, cheerful and hard-working student, the leader of her class and a talented basketball player, also devoted Christian. However, she is unknowingly afflicted with ataxia, which would eventually paralyze her. Her doctor, Dr Fritz (Steve Emmanuel), suggests her to write a diary so he can monitor her symptoms. . The show follows her as she deals with the difficulties arising from her condition and her problems at school, and in her relationship with her classmates and her boyfriend Moses (Glenn Alinskie). As her classmates start to think about their future and their studies, she focuses on her writing, even when her condition becomes life-threatening. In the end her writing is depicted as having the ability to bring strength to those around her. One day, on Christmas Eve, Moses came with a letter from Nayla's reader. At that time Nayla was really tired of fighting with her illness. Apparently many readers touched by her true story and inspired after reading wiritings. It is proven that even though her condition limited, Nayla remains useful and becomes a helper for others, according to her greatest wishes. Nayla smiled happily. There was nothing else to look for in this world


Duration 1 hours 0 minutes
Censorship Ratings G
Production Company Sinemart
Year of Production 2006
Year of Release 2006
Lead Cast Chelsea Olivia Wijaya Glenn Alinskie Randy Pangalila Piet Burnama Moudy Wihelmina Yadi Timo Rudy Salam Debby Cynthia Dewi Raka Hafid Virgo Brody Gracia Indri Natasha Irawan
Executive Producers/Director leo sutanto
Awards -