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Bidadari Plus Plus

PG | Drama | 2013


Tells about a woman named Annatasya who was forced into a black hole and worked as an escort girl. Unable to do other things to survive she had no choice but to carry on doing this job she can only do to support her family. Jono a college student, who support himself and looking for extra money to pay his school. The two meet when Jono finally took the side job offered by a friend. A bike ride for the escort girls. From casual and common interest they gained trust to each other as Anna often share her stories and problem to Jono. Things are getting more serious when Jono find out Anna's family is abducted by International syndicate


Duration 1 hours 30 minutes
Censorship Ratings PG
Production Company -
Year of Production 2013
Year of Release 2013
Lead Cast Kriss Hatta, Shinta Bachir, Dhianty Yusuf, Roy Cunonk, Teddy Oktara, August Melasz, Jerry Inveld
Executive Producers/Director Didi Ardiansyah
Awards -