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Berkah (Grace)

G | Drama, Romance | 2013


Jaka is a thug in his area. But he is also a filial son to his mother, Nani, and adores his sister, Dena very much. Jaka's mother wants to set him up with Titin, the daughter of her ex-boyfriend, Harry. While trying to get away from his mother's relentless demand, Jake is hit by Irene's car. Irene is a rich tomboy and a racer, and was trying to run away from her mother and stepfather who tried to marry her off to a man she doesn't love. Seeing the man she'd hit not move, Irene run off. However, in guilty conscience, she decides to find out about to Jaka and is shocked to hear that he had died. With her supporting grandfather, Arief's blessing, Irene surrenders herself to the police. As it seems, Jaka is only in a coma. After waking up from his coma, Jaka becomes a different person, gifted with a sixth sense and the ability to cure people. Jaka finds out that the person who had struck him down is in prison and goes to visit her. Upon seeing Irene, Jaka is struck by the sight of her and calls her Angel everytime he visits her. The day Irene is set free, she decides to stay a while at Jaka's house, where she learns religion value and finds her life peaceful like in heaven, unlike her house that always feels like hell. Mad at her decision to stay with Jaka, Irene's parents attack and accuse Jaka of brainwashing Irene until she doesn't want to come home. Upset, Irene tells them that Jaka is her future husband


Duration 1 hours 0 minutes
Censorship Ratings G
Production Company Sinemart
Year of Production 2013
Year of Release 2013
Lead Cast Samuel Zylgwyn, Irish Bella, Meyda Sefira, Handika Pratama, Drg. Fadli, Rasyeed Karim, Debby Sahertian, Eeng Saptahadi, Ria Probo, Cut Mini, Valentino, Sofian, Tenno Ali, Erlin Sarintar, Laras, Tezar
Executive Producers/Director H. Ahmad Yusuf, Leo Sutanto
Awards -