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Anugerah Cinta (The Grace Of Love)

G | Drama, Romance | 2016


A story about Naura, a simple girl who lives in the village with her adoptive family. When her father passed away, she and her brother had to flee from their house and move to the city, looking for his dad's friend to take care of them. Running away from a loan shark that her dad's own huge debt. She meet Arka who helped her from the loan shark's. Arrived in the city the siblings have no idea where to get their dad's friend, lost they decided to visit a radio station hoping they coud page the person through the programme. Fated to meet again, she bumped to Arka whose friend work there as a DJ. After hearing the story of Naura, Arka feel pity of her, offers help through Rey his DJ friend to broadcast the news. He also offers them to stay in his house while waiting for the result. To Naura's horror, she's not welcome at Arka's by his mother and sister. They clearly display unhappines and grunt towards the sibling especially Naura, worry that the stranger would stole Arka away from them. Naive and innocent she let the mother daughter treat her like a maid and ignore their disgusted face whenever they see her. Abused and degraded, she keeps the problem to her self. Feel responsible for her brother and owe too much from Arka, she keep it to herself. Hutomo, is distraught to find out that his best friend Suhari passed away and unable to find his children, unaware that they are actually Naura and Oky. Will they find each other soon before it's too late. Is she going to remain silent ?


Duration 1 hours 0 minutes
Censorship Ratings G
Production Company Sinemart
Year of Production 2016
Year of Release 2016
Lead Cast Irish Bella, Giorgino Abraham, Omar Danial, Angela Gilsha, Riza Syah, Claudia Andara, Adjie Pangestu, Ria Probo, Umar Lubis, Natasha Dewanty, Eeng Saptahadi, David Hoffman
Executive Producers/Director Sridhar Jetty, Leo Sutanto
Awards -