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Anugerah (Blessing)

G | Drama, Romance | 2011


Nabila is a gentle but firm girl who loves her father, Arif dearly. She is the brightest student in the university and has great potential for success. However, her father is diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and needs immediate surgery. Subsequently, while seeking for ways to fund the surgery, Nabila meets and falls for Fandy, the son of wealthy businessman, Sugih, who is very fond of his two children. Fandy's step-brother, Bima is married to Wulan and craves for the presence of a baby. Bima's mother, Hera dislikes Fandy. She knows that Fandy will soon marry and introduce Nabila as his wife. Hera is afraid that she would lose Sugih's wealth to Fandy should Fandy produce an heir first. How will Nabila's life and love continue?


Duration 1 hours 0 minutes
Censorship Ratings G
Production Company Sinemart
Year of Production 2011
Year of Release 2011
Lead Cast Nabila Syakieb Samuel Zylgwyn Dhini Aminarti Sheila Marcia Giovanni Yosafat Tobing Eva Anindhita Anjasmara Ketrin Agustine Kevin Andrean Dwi Yan El Manik Femmy Permatasari Yasmine Wildblood Tamara Bleszynski Jeremy Thom
Executive Producers/Director Sanjeev Kumar, Leo Sutanto
Awards -