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G | Drama | 2007


Irvan's four children are, the arrogant and shopaholic Tania, the modest and gentle Aisyah, the playful and mischievous Bima, and the delicate and shy Mutia. Irvan has to raise his children all alone because his wife had passed away. In their house also live his driver and right hand man, Mardi's and his family. One day, Irvan is reported to have met an accident while fishing at sea. His boat is found but Irvan's body is missing. His sudden loss changes the lives of the four siblings. Originally always swimming in wealth, they now face the truth that their father has a mountain of debts. Before Irvan's death, he had changed the ownership of the house to Mardi so that when his wealth is confiscated someday, the house would still be safe. Mardi's wife, Hesti dislikes Tania's attitude towards her and kick all of them out of the house. With the holy month of Ramadhan fast approaching, Aisyah tries to hold her family together, believing that their father is still live and will one day return to them


Duration 1 hours 0 minutes
Censorship Ratings G
Production Company Sinemart
Year of Production 2007
Year of Release 2007
Lead Cast Alyssa Soebandono, Dude Harlino, Raya Kohandi, Asmirandah, Rio Reifan, Drg Fadli, Anwar Fuadi, Devi Permatasari, Ade Surya Akbar, Cut Syifa
Executive Producers/Director Noto Bagaskoro, Leo Sutanto
Awards -