October 23, by Zoya Lukyantseva

Collections for buyers on the allrites content marketplace: what it is, how it works, and how to buy movie rights in bulk.

Collections feature on the allrites content marketplace allows signed-in media buyers to shortlist the most appealing titles and put them aside for closer review. Collections is a convenient way of looking at your potentially acquired content as a whole picture. Furthermore, it is a way for the allrites’ team to get the buyer a quote to buy movie rights in bulk!

How to create a collection?

  • If you still haven’t signed up, please do so Sign Up for Free or log in if you already have an account
  • On the main page head over to the top right corner, click “Content”
  • Once you are on the Content Search page, click the “Collections” red button
  • You are now on the page where all your collections are going to be stored! Click the “Create Now” blue button
  • Key in your Collection name. Please note that some of the names may be already taken by someone else. Do not worry, simply key in a different or slightly different name.
  • Click the “Search for Content” red button.
  • You are now back to the Content Search page. Once you found a title of your interest, drag and drop it onto the grey circle at the right-hand side.
  • Once all the titles you wanted are dragged and dropped, tick the collection name and click “Save”

One buyer account may create as many Collections as they wish. Titles in the collection may be deleted if the buyer decides they are no longer interested in them. Once a perfect collection is created, please contact us to get a quote and check the available territories for content license.

Any other ways to create a collection?

  • You may wish to search for content using the search filters on the left-hand side (genre, year of production, format, and so on.)
  • Once you are satisfied with the results, click “Save List as a New Collection” 

Come join the allrites marketplace! Unlock the value of content!